Sinus Lifts

The sinus is located above the upper teeth and is an empty space that is filled with air. The wall that separates the sinus and the teeth is very thin and if it is very thin, it is very difficult to place implants in this area. Sinus lifts are used for patients that have experienced bone loss in the upper jaw. During a sinus lift, the membrane that separates the mouth and sinus is pushed up and a bone graft is done in the area. The area is left to heal and stabilize before an implant can be placed.

Sinus lifts are used when you have one or more teeth missing in the top and back of your jaw or when there is bone loss in the top and back of your jaw. Sinus lifts have made it possible for patients to have denture that comfortably fit in the upper part of the mouth and have also made it possible for patients to obtain dental implants in that area.