Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

As an adult, most people have 32 teeth that consists of anterior teeth and posterior teeth. In the posterior part of the mouth, the very last molar (third molar), which is also known as the wisdom teeth develop as your reach adult age. Eruption of the wisdom teeth can cause some people to have pain because of the overcrowding in the mouth. In some cases, eruption of the wisdom teeth do not cause any problems and do not need to be extraction. But in other instances, wisdom teeth can erupt sideways or do not properly erupt, therefore giving the patient pain. Wisdom teeth that do not erupt correctly can often cause problems with surrounding teeth, inflammation and infection of the area.

During cleanings and check-ups with your dentist, x-rays will be able to show your dentist how your wisdom teeth will be erupting. Often times, the dentist will be able to anticipate how your wisdom teeth will develop. Wisdom teeth extraction can be done by either your dentist or an oral surgeon. When the development of the wisdom teeth become impacted and do not erupt normally, a surgical extraction may be required. If patients choose to extract their wisdom teeth, very often, all four can be extracted in one visit. Extraction of the wisdom teeth is often done under local anesthesia, nitrous oxide or general anesthesia in order to make sure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about wisdom teeth, be sure to give us a call.